Simcoe County Bust

Nope, this is not a short note about a police take-down, or any other permutation of the term “bust” (use your imagination)…this is just a quick note to update on this past weekend’s turkey trip to the Simcoe County region.

It was wet and I did not see or hear a turkey (neither did my Dad) in the Simcoe County Forests of the Springwater and Tiny Townships…nor did we have any luck at a private landowner’s property where we have permission in the Oro area.  It was drizzly off and on for the whole of Saturday (and no Sunday gun hunting to boot!) and aside from a really excellent peameal bacon and cheese hamburger at Steeler’s Restaurant & Pub in Elmvale there was not much good news to speak of.  I just got wet and so did all my gear.

I did see two birds that I’d never seen before (while turkey hunting or otherwise) which was cool.  One was a Baltimore Oriole…unmistakeable with its sharp orange and black plumage as it darted through the low shrubs.  The other was an American Bittern that flew in and perched in a tree not more than twenty yards from my setup and croaked and wheezed its characteristic call for about ten minutes before it flew with another of its kind.

Might be hitting the Bruce Peninsula again this coming weekend (which is a long weekend in Canada for those in parts beyond my nation’s borders.

I have a very livid bone to pick with some animal ethicist articles I read over the weekend, but its late and I’m sleepy so I’ll vent about those later this week in a “Taboo of the Day” post.

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