News: Finally Getting Out Again, NWTF Events, and We’re on Twitter

After a month or so of a cripplingly hectic family and work schedule, I’m hitting the woods this upcoming weekend in pursuit of some coyotes.  I’ve been itching to do it for a while and have finally found the time.  Hopefully the weather co-operates and we can get some coyotes running in front of the dogs and/or coming hard to the call.  Exciting stuff, and it will eventually be serialized here.

In other news, for the past couple of weeks a few of you subscribers suggested a Twitter feed.  So now I have one.

You can follow the blog here:!/getoutandgohunt

I’m still going through the (admittedly shallow) learning curve of Twitter, but feel free to join up and see where we’re hunting, what we’re thinking while we do it, and more of the zaniness, analysis, and opinion that you’ve come to expect from this blog…all within a 140 character limit no less!

And lastly, it is NWTF Banquet season here in Ontario and I’ve got a few invites to attend banquets.  The one I’ll definitely be hitting up is my hometown banquet in Barrie, Ontario.  For details on pricing and attendance you can email for details.  For info on the auction packages click

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