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So I’ve been deer hunting for a couple of weeks off and on, and in conjunction with a hectic work schedule (at a real job) I’ve been absent from this forum.

Well, I’m back.
I’d like to take this opportunity to make two corrections that loyal readers brought to my attention.
First, in my Gearhead article related to deer hunting, I had indicated that my first deer was a “yearling doe”.  A keen-eyed reader (okay…my cousin, Luke) made it abundantly clear as soon as I got to camp that I had in fact shot a doe fawn.  My use of the word ‘yearling’ was inappropriate as I believed I was using it in referring to something in its first year (which technically a doe fawn would be) but upon research, when the word ‘yearling’ is applied to an animal it usually refers an animal between one and two years old, which this particular doe was not when I shot it (I believe it weighed about 65lbs field dressed and I could have carried it out across my back.  And I was fifteen years old, so not a big deer at all).  No self-aggrandizement was meant on my part: simply a misuse of a word.
Secondly, and perhaps more ridiculously, I feel required to make a clarification about my post regarding my observations in Squamish, British Columbia.  Although I was simply trying to make a self-effacing fat joke along the lines that the air was thin in Squamish, but I wasn’t, one reader rather impolitely (I won’t quote their language or misspellings) pointed out to me that Squamish is only about 15 feet above sea level, which I thought was obvious because as I said earlier in the same post, Squamish sits on an inlet at the foot of Mount Garibaldi.  Anyways…to clarify, Squamish is not at elevation, but I am still kind of meaty.
I’ve been working for the past few days since my return from the wilderness on consolidating all the hilarious, exciting, and moving moments from deer season 2011 into one cogent post, which should appear sometime later this week.
But hopefully this piece keeps the blog-police satisfied for now.