The Final Countdown…for Ontario Turkey Hunters

In about 30 hours many Ontario turkey hunters will be silently pressing doors shut, stalking silently through dark spring woods, nestling in at the base of broad trees, and getting ready for the start of another spring turkey season.

As the promised hour strikes, shotgun shells will be slid into place, arrows will be nocked, and crossbows will be drawn and cocked.  Purrs, clucks, flydown cackles, and all sorts of yelps (both of the authentic variety and our human interpretations) will ring through the dusky pre-dawn.  In some parts of the province the morning will be misty, others will find it drizzly, and some will hunt in morning air that echoes in clarity and crispness.

Good luck to all of you, and may your calls be answered with lusty gobbles, and the unmistakable spitting and drumming of tom turkeys as they approach.

Due to work commitments (at my real job) my opening day will be Wednesday morning, where I will be found rambling through the local public tract of forests, hoping for my own success this year.

I’ve got a line on two public land gobblers (finally…provided that they survive until Wednesday morning) so here’s hoping that the coming days and weeks will find Get Out & Go Hunting filled with not only my stories and photos, but with some tales from the field provided by you, the readers.

All the best, and good hunting!

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