Over Before it Started?

2012’s Ontario spring turkey season may not be happening for this intrepid soul now; not because my wife is due to have a child in four weeks or less (even though that is one of the scenarios about to play itself out) or because I’ve suddenly lost the passion for chasing longbeards (because I haven’t).

Nope, this silly bugger snapped his fibula and sheared a chunk off the backside of his ankle on Monday night.  While playing rec soccer.  Dammit.

Anyways, this will give me some down time to write…and write…and write.  But for now that’s about it.  If I don’t need surgery, then the cast could be off by mid-May, but then again it might not be.

I bought my license Monday before all this went down so I guess it isn’t a foregone conclusion, and of course I’ll just be laying here practicing my calls so maybe in eight weeks I’ll be some kind of turkey language savant too.  Have to look at the positives I guess!

So in the end I’ll be living vicariously through my friends, readers who like last year took the time to share their stories with me, and some hunting DVDs that I have laying about.

Its not the real thing, but it may be as close as I get this year.  Dang.

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